Insurance is Boring!

If you are an employer, the words “insurance is boring” have crossed your mind more than once.  Just admit it!  What you love is your business – you understand why your products or services are great and you want everyone else to get it, too.  Of course, health insurance costs can hamper that dream and, in your mind, drain needed money that could be better spent elsewhere.

The truth is parts of health insurance are boring, and complicated.  But much of it is actually pretty interesting if you take only 5 minutes to learn a little about it.  The benefit to you could be thousands of dollars in savings.  

I know you often leave the details and responsibilities of selecting your company benefits to your insurance broker, and often you tell them to just suggest a plan(s) that are best for you.  But are they?  How much money are you leaving on the table by not educating yourself just a bit.  That’s the same story you tell your customers: the more you know about our business the better off you will be.

Most brokers are great and I’ll never disparage them, but sometimes it pays to know a little something about a topic that costs you so much money every year.  And sometimes you can even teach a broker something new.

Click on this FAQ on the BeneBay website to learn the basics.  

And once you’ve learned a bit you may actually have an iota of interest in learning more.

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