BeneBay’s TPA And Back Office Services Are Comprehensive And Versatile

  • Custom services from plan design and compliance testing to member services, premium collection and payment, repricing, and claims adjudication and management
  • Real-time, cloud-based platform that can make immediate payment at the point-of-service
  • Monthly or annual subscription fees (SaaS model) includes software license and most other fees
  • Self-service reporting through advanced dashboard for multiple users
  • System versatility supports Medicare, Medicaid, Special Needs Plans and commercial plans, as well as alternative and non-insurance products

Count On

Competitive Pricing

  • The highest quality technology and services comes first, but we also deliver competitive pricing.
  • With greater data access and greater control comes the ability to accelerate interventions and reduce costs all along the healthcare continuum.

Value-Added Partnership

We manage key relationships that bring valuable benefits.

Cigna provider network established with more than 860,000 doctors and 6,200 facilities nationwide

CareValet - Member appointment scheduling, ID cards and more

BuckRx - Pharmacy benefits manager

Stop Loss Reinsurers

Bonum Health - Telemedicine

Uzio - Member access info online & app